Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Gustavo Cuello

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1998-04-18 : Floyd Mayweather Jr 130¼ lbs beat Gustavo Fabian Cuello 130¼ lbs by UD in round 10 of 10


  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. 15-0 (13 KOs) vs. Gustavo Cuello 20-7 (11 KOs)
  • Cuello was the first to go the full ten rounds with Mayweather.

Bout Summary

Mayweather worked primarily with a jab in the opening round and mixed in an occasional left hook to the body and right hand. A clean right hand from Mayweather highlighted the first round. Cuello came forward bobbing and weaving and proved to be a difficult target. He often worked behind a single or double jab and looked to land the right hand. Mayweather controlled Round 2 using movement and a couple quick combinations to keep Cuello, who threw very little, at bay. Cuello increased his aggression in Round 3, came forward, and threw combinations as Mayweather looked for openings in Cuello's often wild attack. At 2:54 of the round, a split-second after the referee said break from a few feet away, Mayweather threw and landed an uppercut. At that, Cuello spun around, went down to both knees before flopping to the mat and rolling around. The referee deducted one point from Mayweather and action continued. Mayweather mostly clowned in the first half of Round 4, at times dropping his hands and sticking out his chin or tongue. He made Cuello miss with most of his punches in the round and looked for countering opportunities. Much of the same continued in Round 5 with both men pretty elusive, but Mayweather landing the cleaner shots. Mayweather was warned in Round 5 for punching while holding the back of his opponent's head and Cuello was warned for a solid right hand that landed to the back of Mayweather's head as the two exchanged. Mayweather likely had his strongest round thus far in Round 6. He connected with some clean right hands early and closed the round by landing combinations with Cuello against the ropes. Mayweather eased through Round 7 having success with the jab and a few lead right hands. Midway through Round 8, action was paused as the referee sent Cuello's assistant trainer to the dressing room for an apparent outburst. He was up and complaining loudly that Mayweather was pushing. Mayweather cruised through Rounds 9 and 10 mostly moving, avoiding exchanges, and pumping out a jab.