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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Jerry Cooper

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*Time: 1:39
*Time: 1:39

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1997-01-18 : Floyd Mayweather Jr 130 lbs beat Jerry Cooper 129½ lbs by TKO at 1:39 in round 1 of 4

  • Time: 1:39
  • Weights: Mayweather 130 lbs, Cooper 129.5 lbs


- Mayweather dominated this fight from end to end, knocking down Cooper with his 4th jab of the bout, then tearing in and forcing Cooper through the ropes, onto the ring apron.
- Cooper made it back up to his feet, but referee Mitch Halpern called a stop to the contest.
- Cooper down twice, doesn't answer referee's question whether he's ok the second time, causing the referee to stop the fight, which Cooper immediately starts protesting against.
- Floyd was paid 7,500 dollars for this fight.

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