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{| {{punchstatstable-r}}  
{| {{punchstatstable-r}}  
|+ '''Compubox Punchstats''' [http://www.boxingscene.com/forums/view.php?pg=compubox_floyd_mayweather_ricky_hatton]
|+ '''CompuBox Punchstats''' [http://www.boxingscene.com/forums/view.php?pg=compubox_floyd_mayweather_ricky_hatton]
|- {{pstable-bg1}}
|- {{pstable-bg1}}
! Total Punches || Mayweather || Hatton
! Total Punches || Mayweather || Hatton

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CompuBox Punchstats [1]
Total Punches Mayweather Hatton
Landed 129 63
Thrown 329 372
Pct. 39% 17%
Jabs Mayweather Hatton
Landed 29 11
Thrown 72 63
Pct. 40% 17%
Power Punches Mayweather Hatton
Landed 100 52
Thrown 257 309
Pct. 39% 17%

2007-12-08 : Floyd Mayweather Jr 147 lbs beat Ricky Hatton 145 lbs by TKO at 1:35 in round 10 of 12

  • World Boxing Council Welterweight Title (1st defense by Mayweather)
  • Time: 1:35
  • Weights: Mayweather 147 lbs, Hatton 145 lbs
  • Aired on: HBO Pay-Per-View

Bout Summary


Hatton was very aggressive early and controlled the tempo of the fight. Hatton had the upper-hand for the first few rounds, but Mayweather adjusted and started having success pot-shotting Hatton. Mayweather landed a right hand that opened a cut over Hatton's right eye in round three. Hatton had success in the first minute of round four as he continued to apply pressure, but Mayweather landed some clean shots that hurt Hatton as the round progressed. Hatton had a strong round five as he struck at Mayweather on the ropes, but Mayweather was able to use his forearms and elbows to frustrate Hatton's ability to score any clean shots. Mayweather's defensive ability prevented Hatton from scoring any power shots to the head or trademark hooks to the body. In the next round, referee Joe Cortez took a point from Hatton for hitting Mayweather on the back of the head. Mayweather had a big round eight landing many clean shots and continued to pull away by outboxing Hatton in the ninth round as Hatton began to wear down. Mayweather closed the show in round ten, starting when he caught Hatton coming in with a left hook that sent him crashing face first against the padding of the corner post before collapsing flat on his back and slamming hard into the canvas. Hatton got to his feet at the count of eight, and when he got up, Mayweather quickly came in and took advantage throwing in a couple of more shots to the face. At that moment, Joe Cortez called a halt to the action. Hatton, still dazed, took a step back and fell back down.


  • Mayweather continuing to fight despite announcing his retirement after the Oscar De La Hoya fight. Mayweather has now said he will retire for two years before making a comeback.
  • The fight generated 850,000 pay-per-view buys and $47 million in pay-per-view revenue.
  • Both boxers came into the fight with undefeated records.
  • This was Ricky Hatton's second fight at welterweight.
  • Mandatory defense for Mayweather
  • Mayweather defends his Ring Magazine welterweight world title.