Fosi Schmidt

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Fossie Schmidt

Name: Fossie Schmidt
Alias: King Pola /Brownhawk
Birth Name: Afioga Polataivao
Born: 1935-00-00
Birthplace: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died: 2005-12-19 (Age:70)
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Stance: Orthodox
Boxing Record: click

Career Review

Fosi Schmidt (some sources list Fossi or Fossie ) was a colorful, hard-hitting, and mysterious heavyweight prospect during the 1950s. Born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, his birth name was Afioga Polataivao, and he was of Samoan ancestry.

Schmidt reportedly developed a keen interest in boxing from watching U.S. army soldiers training in Australia. He decided to become a professional boxer; changing his ring name to Fosi Schmidt. One report gives him 16 pro bouts through August 1954, and 32 amateur. This may be correct, but further research is needed.

On February 10, 1954, in Leififi on the Samoan Islands, Schmidt was sparring with Vaipou Ainu'u, a local police constable, who was also an amateur heavyweight boxer. The two were training in a ring at the local police station when Schmidt knocked Ainu'u down. Ainu'u's head struck the ring floor and efforts to revive him failed. The 35 year old Ainu'u died on the way to the hospital. Schmidt was greatly disturbed by Ainu'u's death, but realized it was a terrible accident, and he continued on with his promising career.

Schmidt became a "Samoan Sensation" and appeared on the cover of Australian Ring Digest in October 1954. The 1955 Ring Record Book credited Schmidt with scoring 50 consecutive knockouts -- although this clearly includes amateur bouts. Some of the names credited by Ring include Tauso M'U KO 2 rds, Fetuao KO 1rd, Lini KO 2 rds, Loie KO 3 rds, Viane KO 1 rd, Enesi KO 2 rds, Pili KO 2 rds, Silipa KO 2 rds, Filipo KO 2 rds, Sefo KO 1 rd and KO 2 rds, Iefata KO 4 rds.

However, Schmidt's knockout streak was halted by Fiji heavyweight Henry Bray by 5th round knockout. On December 8, 1954, Schmidt was knocked out in 3 rounds by Ross Jenkins. Schmidt continued to fight, but never again showed the promise of his earlier undefeated career.

In the early 1960s, Schmidt opened a number of successful trading stations. He also owned and ran the Apollo 11 nightclub in Saleufi. However, in 1964, Schmidt entered politics and was elected to parliament. He became known to his fellow Samoans as "King Pola." Schmidt served in parliament from 1964-1999, but resigned due to bad health. He was the former Minister of Health, the former Minister of Labour, and the former Minister of Lands and Environment. Schmidt was also a founding member of his country's Human Rights Protection Party.

From 1999-2005, Schmidt underwent dialysis treatment in both New Zealand and Australia. He died on December 19, 2005, of heart failure. He was survived by his wife Ipu, and his son La'auli Leuatea.


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