Frank Warren

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Frank Warren
Class of 2008
Non-Participant Category
Hall of Fame bio:click

Name: Frank Warren
Born: 1952-02-28
Birthplace: Islington, London, United Kingdom
Hometown: Hertford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Promoting Record: click

Frank Warren is a prominent English boxing promoter. Warren's promotional company is Sports Network, which has promoted many important bouts in Great Britain and throughout the world.


On 30 November 1989, Warren was shot outside the Broadway Theatre by an unknown hooded assailant. A .22 bullet from a Luger pistol missed his heart by an inch, and Warren lost half a lung and parts of his ribs. The former boxer, Terry Marsh, who had become Warren's first world champion two years earlier, was accused of the shooting but acquitted by a jury. No other arrest has been made. [1]