Frankie Narvaez vs. Vicente Derado

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1964-04-24 : Frankie Narvaez 136 lbs beat Vicente Milan Derado 134 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • Location: Sunnyside Garden, Sunnyside, Queens, New York, USA
  • Referee: Zach Clayton

"Fast-rising lightweight Frankie Narvaez registered his 14th consecutive victory Friday night with a unanimous decision over Vicente Derado of Argentina in a nationally televised 10 round fight. Narvaez floored his opponent with a straight right for a mandatory eight-count in the 3rd round for the fight's only knockdown. The older and more experienced Derado tried to confuse Narvaez by switching to southpaw tactics on a number of occasions, but the 22 year old Puerto Rican displayed class and polish uncommon in a fighter with only four years of experience." -United Press International

Scorecards (all for Narvaez)

  • Referee Zach Clayton - 7-3
  • Judge Joe Armstrong - 7-3
  • Judge Artie Aidala - 6-3-1
  • Unofficial UPI scorecard - 8-2 Narvaez