Frankie Otero

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Cuban born Frankie Otero was rated among the top ten Jr. Lightweights in the world from 1970-1973, while a student at Miami-Dade Community College. A clever boxer with a solid punch, Otero was one of Chris Dundee's main event fighters from the fabled Fifth Street Gym, a local hero with a gate following.

His best performances were wins over veteran contender Love Allotey, Alberto Perez, Kenny Weldon and a tough New Orleans fighter named Jimmy Trosclair. He looked good in his first spirited loss to Ken Buchanan, but peaked out by the time he fought a rematch with Buchanan and faced Alfredo Escalera.

Otero retired from fighting to work as a real estate appraiser and sales agent, but remained involved in the sport as a matchmaker, having worked in promotions featuring Aaron Pryor, Davey Moore, Roberto Duran and Tommy Hearns.