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Gerald McClellan vs. Gilbert Baptist

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1994-03-04 : Gerald McClellan 159 lbs beat Gilbert Baptist 158½ lbs by TKO at 1:37 in round 1 of 12

  • WBC Middleweight Title (McClellan's 2nd Defense)
  • Weights: McClellan 159; Baptist 158


- Baptist went down from a left hook just seconds into the fight. He went down again just a few seconds after regaining his feet. He was ready to go down for a third time when the fight was called at the 1:37 mark.

- Baptist was a late replacement for Lamar Parks who pulled out claiming an injured shoulder. But it was later learned he pulled out when the Nevada State Athletic commission mandated he take an HIV test. Shortly thereafter, it would be well publicized that Parks had tested positive for the HIV virus and his career sadly came to an end.

Preceded by:
McClellan vs. Bell
WBC Middleweight Title Fight
# 64
Succeeded by:
McClellan vs. Jackson II

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