Hank Herring

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Name: Hank Herring
Birth Name: Horace Herring
Born: 1922-06-19
Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
Died: 1999-05-18 (Age:76)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
Boxing Record: click

Horace "Hank" Herring was the Welterweight Silver Medalist at the 1948 London Olympic Games. Herring lost in the final to Julius Torma of Czechoslovakia.

1948 representing Chicago won an Intercity Golden Gloves' title in the welterweight division vs. John Luciano.

Olympic games results

1948 (as a welterweight)

Preceded by:
Eugene Hairston
Intercity Golden Gloves
Welterweight Title

Succeeded by:
Eugene Linscott