Julio Cesar Matthews

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Name: Julio Cesar Matthews
Born: 1970-02-02
Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania, USA
Height: 6′ 1″   /   185cm
Boxing Record: click

Julio Cesar Matthews

Julio Cesar Matthews, born in Brooklyn, New York, of Irish and Puerto Rican descent, was best known in Pennsylvania as the principal sparring partner for cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham. He also sparred for former World Heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, former light heavyweight champions Chad Dawson and Antonio Tarver, former # 1 ranked heavyweight contenders Eddie Chambers, Bert Cooper, and world ranked cruiserweight Rob Calloway. Matthews sparred with Cunningham for the vacant IBF title fight with Troy Ross, won by Cunningham in Germany. Matthews won his own bout in Philadelphia one week later. Matthews was trained by martial artist 'Sensei' Daniel Guerrido, better known as a co-trainer of Cesar Seda, Roman Martinez and Elio Rojas. Matthews is seen above with Gerry Cooney at the Ring 8 benefit for injured and retired boxers. Matthews originally trained out of the Allentown Boxing Club and won the Pennsylvania 178 pound Golden Gloves novice title on April 23, 1995, In his last pro bout, Matthews knocked down and decisioned future USBA titleholder Garrett Wilson. Problems with the law derailed Matthews' career, who was held for parole violation in a situation similar to the late boxer Tony Ayala Jr. who was eventually released.

Archival Footage and Interviews

  • 15rounds.com 2010 Philadelphia video interview with Julio Matthews before his last bout [1]
  • Veoh.com footage of Julio Cesar Matthews
  • MS Want TV highlight clip of June 13, 2010 fight card, includes Julio Cesar Matthews knockdown of Garrett Wilson [[2]]
  • Matthews vs William Gill fight photo [3] Video clip highlight of 2009 William Gill bout [4]
  • IBF Boxing Champion Cunningham Spars with Prospect in Philly Gym, 2008 Boxing Press Story [5]
  • Julio Matthews Calls Out the Cruiserweight Division, 2008 Matt Goldstein Story on Boxing Scene [6]
  • Retired from the pro ranks in 2010, but hoped one day to make a comeback after his legal issues were completely resolved.


  • Julio Cesar Matthews is one of only two cruiserweight boxers to retire undefeated. The other was Alexander Frenkel.
  • 'Mathews' is the correct spelling of his last name. 'Matthews' with two 't' letters is the last name he boxed under professionally.
  • Matthews was not the only world ranked cruiserweight out of Reading, Pennsylvania. Matthews grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and later resided in Reading, Pennsylvania, the same places as his close friend, the late cruiserweight contender Julian Letterlough. Tragically, Julian Letterlough was shot and killed in Reading in 2005. Letterlough fought for the IBF world cruiserweight title against Vassiliy Jirov in 2001, but lost. Matthews, who was shot in Reading but not killed, lost 10 years before resuming his career, and never fought for a world title.