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Name: Doug Lewis
Born: 1904-08-06
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5′ 7″   /   170cm
Boxing Record: click

Doug Lewis, a black boxer, was a member of the 1924 Canadian Olympic boxing team and amateur champion. The Globe, March 19, 1927. He won the bronze medal in the welterweight division.

Olympic Games Results

Lewis defeated Hultgren of Sweden. "In the opening round Lewis assumed the offensive and cleverly evaded the Swede's swinging blows. The boxing was open and the round ended with honors about even. When round two opened the boxers rushed together, and Lewis emerged in better condition than his opponent. Hultgren was warned for holding Lewis's glove under his arm. In round three there were several mix-ups and Hultgren was warned again. The Canadian strongly on the offensive, delivered a number of body blows that put the Swede against the ropes." - Globe & Mail, July 16, 1924

Lewis defeated Oldani of Italy. Lewis won the opening round, and was winning the second when the Italian was disqualified for excessive holding. The decision of the officials did not sit well with the crowd, "and the police had to protect the judges when they left the ringside." - Globe & Mail, July 18, 1924

Lewis defeated Henry Haggerty of Pittsburgh. "Lewis carried the bout to Haggerty from the start. Haggerty made attempts throughout to land his 'haymaker,' but Lewis rolled his head and made the Pittsburger miss with his right-hand punch time and again. Lewis also had a trick on pinning Haggerty to the ropes and hooking with his left to body and head. In the third round Haggerty was forced to the ropes five times. He gamely tried to come back in retaliation, but obviously he had been winded by the body blows of Lewis." - Associated Press, July 19, 1924

Lewis was defeated by Delarge of Belgium in the semi-finals. The Globe reported the rounds were close, "but the Belgian was given the decision on points." Lewis was awarded the bronze medal, when Dwyer of Ireland forfeited the third place match. Globe & Mail, July 21, 1924