James Tillis vs. Mike Tyson

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fight photo

1986-05-03 : Mike Tyson 215 lbs beat James Tillis 207¾ lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • This was the first time Tyson had gone the distance in a pro fight. Previously, he had had 19 wins by knockout (11 of them coming in the first round) in 19 starts.
  • Data Boxing Stats: Blows- Tillis 147/396 37%, Tyson 103/282 37%; Controls- Tillis 89, 32 of which were circling and dancing, 41 were clinches, Tyson 83, 17 were moving in and attacking, 13 of which occured in rounds 1 to 3, and 32 were moving close. Tyson was in full attack in rounds one and two. After that he began to move close, but often did not fire enough blows. He scored a flash knockdown in round four against a lunging Tillis, winning a round he was outscored in. In rounds six through ten, Tyson was out thrown and out scored, though he did score a cut over Tillis' left eye in round seven. He won by hitting harder, but not by dominating the bout.