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[[Image:Pittman_Jamie.jpg|left|thumb|280px|Photo by Milos Lekovic]]
[[Image:Pittman_Jamie.jpg|left|thumb|250px|Photo by Milos Lekovic]]
[[Image:Pittman_Sturm.jpg|right|400px|thumb|Pittman challenging [[Felix Sturm]] for his WBA middleweight title]]  
[[Image:Pittman_Sturm.jpg|right|220px|thumb|Pittman challenging [[Felix Sturm]] for his WBA middleweight title]]  

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Photo by Milos Lekovic
Pittman challenging Felix Sturm for his WBA middleweight title

Name: Jamie Pittman
Alias: Mr Business
Born: 1981-07-18
Birthplace: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Hometown: Gosford, New South Wales, Australia
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 6′ 1″   /   186cm
Reach: 74″   /   188cm
Boxing Record: click

Minor Titles Won

  • Australian Super Middleweight
  • World Boxing Foundation Super Middleweight
  • PABA Middleweight
  • WBO Asia Pacific Middleweight
  • WBA Pan African Middleweight

Amateur Achievements

  • Amateur Record: 111-26
  • Amateur Boxing Association champion 67kg - 1999, 71kg - 2002, 75kg - 2003
  • 3 time Oceania Champion
  • Competed at the 2002 Commonwealth Games as a Middleweight
  • Competed at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games as a Middleweight
    • Eliminated in the first Round by Lukas Wilaschek (Germany) - Points Decision 23:24