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Jean Pascal vs. Adrian Diaconu (2nd meeting)

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2009-12-11 : Jean Pascal 174 lbs beat Adrian Diaconu 174½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

In a battle of Quebec Canadian fighters broadcast live over the internet, Jean Pascal retained his WBC Light Heavyweight title in a rematch with Adrian Diaconu. The first four rounds appeared even, when Pascal returned to his corner with right shoulder troubles, giving him the most trouble in rounds five and ten. It appeared his trainer was able to pop the shoulder back in before the start of round 11. Pascal landed alot of flurry combinations throughout this contest, while Diaconu was effective with a left jab which scored consistently at times and managed to pin Pascal on the ropes several times while scoring but failed to capitalize. Pascal won the last two rounds clearly, throwing power punches with both hands as Diaconu either covered up or grabbed on to survive but rarely punched back. The Canadian Press scored the bout 116-114 for Pascal, the neutral live commentor scored it 115-113 Pascal, The Gazette 115-114, all for Pascal. After the bout, Pascal stated his shoulder had popped out three times, and his corner kept popping it back, beginning at the end of the third round. Diaconu felt he won. "C'mon. A unanimous decision? I feel I won eight rounds. In my soul, I didn’t lose this fight. Maybe it’s because he’s younger. There’s something fishy.”

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