Jean Pascal vs. Lucas Green Arias

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Lucas Green Arias collapsed in his corner and shortly afterwards was taken to local area hospital. Arias suffered a sub-dural hematoma and was put under sedation and a drain of excess fluids was successively performed. Arias went down just before the 6th round ended was able to beat the count and show to referee Gerry Bolen that he was good to continue as the bell sounded to end the round. He would remain seated as the celebrations in the ring continued and belts were presented. Five minutes later with a corner-man pouring a bottle of water over his head, the stool under Arias could no longer support the fighter who lost consciousness. Oxygen was administered and a stretcher brought as Arias lay on the canvas. Lucas Green Arias regained conciousness the next day, responding well talking to one of his trainers in his native Costa Rica by phone.