Joe Calzaghe vs. Mikkel Kessler

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Jabs Calzaghe Kessler
Landed 137 52
Thrown 550 326
Percent 25% 16%
Power Punches Calzaghe Kessler
Landed 148 121
Thrown 460 259
Percent 32% 47%
Total Punches Calzaghe Kessler
Landed 285 173
Thrown 1010 585
Percent 28% 30%

2007-11-03 : Joe Calzaghe 166½ lbs beat Mikkel Kessler 168 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Bout Summary

HBO poster
Sports Network poster; Note: Although Calzaghe wears the belt, he is not the current IBF champion

Calzaghe was aggressive from the opening bell but both fighters were very accurate and sharp. Calzaghe had a very good round three as he used his speed to land straight lefts against Kessler. Kessler landed two good uppercuts in round four. Calzaghe started to take control in rounds five and six. In the seventh, Kessler had his best round since round four, landing several hard shots although Calzaghe threw over 100 punches. Kessler was very aggressive in the eighth, trying to turn the tide, but Calzaghe came on at the end of the round. Calzaghe continued to outbox Kessler in round nine. The fighters went toe-to-toe in a very exciting round ten, but Calzaghe seemed to have more in the tank. Calzaghe continued to blunt the desperate attacks from Kessler over the final two rounds to win in front of 50,000+ in attendance.


- In the United States, this fight had the lowest ratings ever for a prime-time HBO World Championship Boxing telecast on HBO.
- Calzaghe defends his Ring Magazine super middleweight world title.

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