Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling (2nd meeting)

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1938-06-22 : Joe Louis 198¾ lbs beat Max Schmeling 193 lbs by KO at 2:04 in round 1 of 15

World Heavyweight Title

"With the right hand that Schmeling held in contempt Louis knocked out his foe. Three times under its impact the German fighter hit the ring floor. The first time Schmeling regained his feet laboriously at the count of three. From the second knockdown Schmeling, dazed but game, bounced up instinctively before the count had gone beyond one. On the third knockdown Schmeling's trainer Max Machon hurled a towel into the ring, European fashion, admitting defeat for his man. The signal has been ignored in American boxing, and has been for years. Eddie Joseph, the knockdown timekeeper, who was outside the ring, gathered the white emblem in a ball and threw it through the ropes. Returning to Schmeling's crumpled figure, Donovan took one look and signaled an end of the battle. Further counting was useless, Donovan could have counted off a century and Max would not have regained his feet. The German was thoroughly 'out.'" The New York Times