Joey Giardello vs. Billy Graham (2nd meeting)

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1952-12-19 : Billy Graham 149 lbs lost to Joey Giardello 151¾ lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

"Giardello won the ten-round bout on a split-decision but New York commissioners Robert Christenberry and C B Powell altered the scorecard of judge Joe Agnello at the ringside, making Graham the winner." Giardello sued, and the New York State Supreme Court reversed the reversal the following February. The A-Z of World Boxing by Bert Blewett (1996) at p. 130. The original official scorecards were: Judge Agnello, 6-4 for Giardello; Referee Miller, 5-4-1 for Giardello; Judge Shortell 7-3 for Graham.

  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 6-4 Graham
  • Unofficial poll of 9 sportswriters had six voting for Graham, 1 scoring it for Giardello and 2 scoring it a draw.
  • Attendance - 3,228
  • Gate - $8,864
  • This bout was nationally televised.
  • Johnnie Addie was instructed to announce after the decision was rendered that the result was unofficial and subject to review.
  • It was a half hour later after Christenberry, Powell and Commission Secretary Dan Dowd huddled in a dressing room that they came back with the 'official' decision.
  • The IBC announced immediately after this bout that they had Giardello and Rocky Castellani signed for the Garden on January 9th, which never came off.

Post fight comments

  • "Christenberry told the press last night that if he cannot call them as he sees them, he will resign. We respectfully submit that in the best interest of boxing in our state, he do just that." -Frank Hyde, sports editor of the Jamestown, N.Y., Post-Journal
  • "I'd give anything to fight him again just to prove I can beat him. That is, after I fight Rocky Castellani. Then they won't need any officials - just a timekeeper - to count him out." -Joey Giardello