Joey Giardello vs. Rubin Carter

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1964-12-14 : Joey Giardello 160 lbs beat Rubin Carter 158½ lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • "Middleweight champion Joey Giardello called on every trick he learned in 16 years of pro battling to beat strong Rubin (Hurricane) Carter in his first title defense Monday night. A rousing finish in the last five rounds of the 15 rounder earned the crafty, 34 year old champion the unanimous decision over the second ranked contender from Paterson, N.J., at Convention Hall. Giardello was cut over the left eye and shaken by a jolting left hook in the 4th round. Carter had his big chance in that round but he blew it. The ring-scarred champion kept on the move constantly against his stalking, straight-moving opponent. With blood trickling from the cut most of the way, Giardello fought the classic fight - sticking with his left jab to the head, hooking to the body and head and making Carter miss. Joey had the challenger slicing the air with dozens of punches in most rounds with a slip of the head or a slight move backwards or to the side. Carter landed his share of punches but Giardello scored with more." -Associated Press


  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 69-68 Giardello
  • The score listed for judge Jim Mina is incorrect. His actual score was 69-64 for Giardello.
  • Unofficial poll of ringside scribes - 14 for Giardello, 3 for Carter (also reported as 15-5 for Giardello)

Post fight comments

  • "I had him on the hook but let him get off. He's cagey and takes a helluva punch. I think I won it clear - at least 9-6." -Rubin Carter
  • "He fought my fight and didn't press as I expected him to press. He didn't fight inside and made it easy for me. That had alot to do with it." -Joey Giardello

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