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Class of 2011
Pioneer Category
Hall of Fame bio:click
  • Born in 1783
  • Early bare-knuckle boxing champion (heavyweight champion)
  • He was the son of a Bristol butcher
  • Released from debtors prison, after his debts were paid by sportsman Colonel Harry Mellish, on condition that he fight champion Henry Pearce
  • Became a wealthy bookmaker, and reportedly the first boxer to become a member of the British Parliament (1832-37)
  • Also made and lost fortunes investing in race horses
  • Died in 1863 at the age of 80

Most of the above information is from An Illustrated History of Boxing, pp. 21-22

Preceded by:
Henry Pearce
English Bare-Knuckle Heavyweight Champion
1807 – 1808 (retires)
Succeeded by:
Tom Cribb