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A Mexican judge and referee who now resides in Chula Vista, California.
'''Name:''' Jose Cobain<br>
'''Nationality:''' Miexican<br>
'''Residence:''' Chula Vista, California, USA<br>
'''Officiating Record:''' [http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=400902&cat=judge Judge]<br>
'''Officiating Record:''' [http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=400902&cat=referee Referee]<br>
* Judge: Officiating [http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=400902&cat=judge record]
* Referee: Officiating [http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=400902&cat=referee record]
[[Category:Judges|Cobian, Jose]]
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[[Category:Referees|Cobian, Jose]]

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Name: Jose Cobain
Nationality: Miexican
Residence: Chula Vista, California, USA
Officiating Record: Judge
Officiating Record: Referee