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title=[[WBC Minimumweight Champion]]|
title=[[WBC Minimumweight Champion]]|
after=[[Eagle Den Junlaphan]]|
after=[[Eagle Den Junlaphan]]|
years=11 Feb 2000&ndash; 10 Jan 2004
years=2000 Feb 11 &ndash; 2004 Jan 10
{{end box}}
{{end box}}
[[Category:World Minimumweight Champions|Aguirre, Jose Antonio]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Aguirre, Jose Antonio}}
[[Category:Mexican World Champions|Aguirre, Jose Antonio]]
[[Category:World Minimumweight Champions]]
[[Category:Mexican World Champions]]

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Name: Jose Antonio Aguirre
Alias: El Jaguar
Birth Name: Jose Antonio Aguirre Balderas
Born: 1975-07-05 (Age:40)
Birthplace: Cardenas, Tabasco, Mexico
Hometown: Cardenas, Tabasco, Mexico
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 3″   /   160cm
Reach: 66″   /   168cm
Boxing Record: click

Preceded by:
Ricardo Lopez
WBC Minimumweight Champion
2000 Feb 11 – 2004 Jan 10
Succeeded by:
Eagle Den Junlaphan