Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Likar Ramos

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Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Likar Ramos

2011-07-16 : Juan Manuel Marquez 138 lbs beat Likar Ramos 140 lbs by TKO at 1:46 in round 1 of 10


Bout Summary

A decent straight right hand caught Ramos on the chin and sent him stumbling back, down and apparently out. Seeing Ramos flat on his back and motionless with his eyes closed the referee immediately waived an end to the bout.


"Gotta be honest, that did NOT look like a knockout punch that would do such damage. Just did not look that bad. Just being honest... Who stumbles like that and then goes out cold? Seriously? It was almost like Ramos squeezed his eyes shut. When guys get KO'd COLD like he seemed to be it's because they hit their head. He didn't... A knockdown on that punch? Sure. Even a KO? Maybe. But out cold, didn't hit head, NO movement, eyes shut tightly? NO WAY. Just being honest." - ESPN's Dan Rafael [3]