Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Manny Pacquiao (2nd meeting)

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Marquez Pacquiao
Landed 172 157
Thrown 511 619
Pct. 34% 25%
Jabs Marquez Pacquiao
Landed 42 43
Thrown 201 314
Pct. 21% 14%
Power Punches Marquez Pacquiao
Landed 130 114
Thrown 310 305
Pct. 42% 37%

2008-03-15 : Manny Pacquiao 129 lbs beat Juan Manuel Marquez 130 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12


08 03 15 marquez pacquiao.jpg
  • Pacquiao stunned in round two
  • Marquez down in round three
  • HBO PPV Executive Mark Taffet reported that this fight generated a record 400,000 buys representing $20.2 million in sales. The results were the most for any pay-per-view telecast at a weight below welterweight in boxing history.

Experts scores:
- Associated Press:114-113 Marquez
- Joe Santoliquito:115-112 Marquez
- Dan Rafael, ESPN.com: 114-113 Marquez
- Darius Ortiz, ESPN.com:114-113 Marquez
- Eric Raskin, ESPN.com:114-113 Marquez
- Brian Kenny, Friday Night Fights:115-112 Marquez
- Scott Mallon, Ring Magazine / Boxing News / The Fist / Boxing Digest:114-113 Marquez
- Yahoo Sports:115-112 Marquez
- Fight News.com:115-112 Marquez
- Steve Carp, Las Vegas Review Journal: 114-113 Marquez
- Norm Fraunheim, Arizona Republic:114-113 Marquez
- Rich Marrotta, Top Rank TV:114-113 Marquez
- Kieran Mulvaney, Reuters:114-113 Marquez
- Gabriel Montoya, DogHouseBoxing:114-113 Marquez
- Brett Conway, MaxBoxing.com:114-113 Marquez
- Rick Reeno, BoxingScene.com:114-113 Marquez
- Gary Randall, MaxBoxing.com:114-113 Marquez
- Bart Barry, 15Rounds.com:115-113 Marquez
- Bruce McTavish, International Judge:115-112 Marquez
- Francis Ochoa, Philippine Daily Inquirer:114-113 Marquez
- Scott Christ, BadLeftHook.com:114-113 Marquez
- William Detloff, The Ring Magazine:115-113 Marquez
- Ron Borges, TheSweetScience.com:114-113 Marquez
- Max Kellerman & Bob Papa:Marquez in both fights
- Nonito Donaire:114-113 Marquez
- Filipino Sports Analysts Recah Trinidad and Ed Picson all picked Marquez.
- Graham Houston, FightWriter.com:115-112 Marquez
- Andrew Walker, eastsideboxing.com:115-114 Marquez
- Jeff Pryor, The Boxing Bulletin:114-113 Marquez
- Andrew Fruman, The Boxing Bulletin:114-113 Marquez
-Pedro Fernandez, RingTalk.com: 115-113 Marquez -Larry Merchant, HBO: 114-114 Draw -Beau Denison, The Fist: 114-114 Draw -Marco Antonio Barrera: Draw -Nate Campbell: Draw -Mark Lichtenfeld, Boxing Digest/ThroughTheRopes Radio Program, SportsByLineUSA: Draw -Bill Scherer, Suite101.com: 114-114 Draw -Brad Cooney, 8CountNews.com: 114-114 Draw -Doug Fischer, MaxBBoxing.com: 114-114 Draw - Lee Payton, The Boxing Bulletin:114-114 Draw
- Harold Lederman, HBO:115-112 Pacquiao
- Michael Herron, eastsideboxing.com:Pacquiao
- Paul Strauss, eastsideboxing.com:Pacquiao
- Eric Sloan, Washington, D.C. examiner.com: 114-113 Pacquiao
-Ken Pollitt, the13thround.com:114-113 Pacquiao
- Michael Nelson, The Boxing Bulletin:114-113 Pacquiao
- John Vaci, The Boxing Bulletin:115-113 Pacquiao
-Aaron Jones, FightBeat.com: 115-112 Pacquiao -Pablo Fletes, LaPrensa: 114-113 Pacquiao -Samson Lewkowicz, Golden Boy Promotions Matchmaker: Pacquiao -Dave Larzelere, The Sporting News: 114-113 Pacquiao -Lance Pugmire, Los Angeles Times: 114-113 Pacquiao -Bill Dwyer, Los Angeles Times: 115-113 Pacquiao -Undisputed, Round-By-Round Update Correspondent, DogHouseBoxing: 115-114 Pacquiao -Jeff Haney, Las Vegas Sun: 114-113 Pacquiao -Lee Groves, MaxBoxing.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Franklin McNeil, Newark Star-Ledger: 114-113 Pacquiao -Robert Morales, Los Angeles Daily News: 114-113 Pacquiao -Carlos Arias, Orange County Register: 114-113 Pacquiao -Mark Lyons, 8CountNews.com: Pacquiao -Frances Martel, RingTalk.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Jason Aniel, RingTalk.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Ryan Songalia, BoxingScene.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Juan Diaz: Pacquiao -Erik Morales: Pacquiao -Michael Marley, BoxingConfidential.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Steve Cofield, Lotus Broadcasting Las Vegas/ESPN Radio: 114-113 Pacquiao -Dave Cokin, Lotus Broadcasting Las Vegas/ESPN Radio: 115-112 Pacquiao -Steve Kim, MaxBoxing.com: 115-112 Pacquiao -Michael Katz, BoxingScene.com: 115-113 Pacquiao -Ben Thompson, FightHype.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Mike DeLisa, CyberBoxingZone.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Ron Lipton, International Referee: Pacquiao -Frank Baltazar, Fight Manager: Pacquiao -Ace Freeman, FightFan.com: 115-112 Pacquiao -Dick Flaherty, Boxing Judge (the judge replaced by Tom Miller): Pacquiao -Michael Swann, 15Rounds.com: 114-113 Pacquiao -Jim Murphy, TheSweetScience.com: 114-113 Pacquiao

  • Pacquiao wins the vacant Ring Magazine jr. lightweight world title. Ring Magazine awarded the belt to Pacquiao but did not believe he won the fight.

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