KO Magazine Fight of the Year

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As selected by KO Magazine in each year.

1980 Jul 13 Matthew Saad Muhammad KO 14 Yaqui Lopez Lt Heavyweight McAfee, New Jersey, USA
1981 Nov 14 Aaron Pryor TKO 7 Dujuan Johnson Lt Welterweight Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1982 Nov 12 Aaron Pryor TKO 14 Alexis Arguello Lt Welterweight Miami, Florida, USA
1982 Dec 11 Bobby Chacon UD 15 Rafael Limon Jr Lightweight Sacramento, California, USA
1983 May 15 Bobby Chacon UD 12 Cornelius Boza Edwards Jr Lightweight Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1984 Nov 2 Carlos Santos UD 15 Mark Medal Lt Middleweight New York City, New York, USA
1985 Apr 15 Marvin Hagler TKO 3 Thomas Hearns Middleweight Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1986 Mar 10 Marvin Hagler KO 11 John Mugabi Middleweight Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1987 Jun 27 Matthew Hilton UD 15 Buster Drayton Lt Middleweight Montreal, Quebec, CAN
1988 Mar 6 Iran Barkley TKO 5 Michael Olajide Middleweight New York City, New York, USA
1989 Feb 24 Roberto Duran SD 15 Iran Barkley Middleweight Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
1990 Mar 17 Julio Cesar Chavez TKO 12 Meldrick Taylor Jr Welterweight Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
1991 Jun 15 Robert Quiroga UD 12 Akeem Anifowoshe Jr Lightweight San Antonio, Texas, USA
1992 May 15 Michael Moorer TKO 5 Bert Cooper Heavyweight Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
1993 Mar 13 Michael Carbajal KO 7 Humberto Gonzalez Jr Flyweight Las Vegas, Nevada, USA