Lamon Brewster vs. Wladimir Klitschko (1st meeting)

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2004-04-10 : Lamon Brewster 226 lbs beat Wladimir Klitschko 243 lbs by TKO at 3:00 in round 5 of 12

Ring Announcer: Michael Buffer
Aired On: HBO


  • Lamon Brewster 29-2 (26 KOs) vs. Wladimir Klitschko 42-2 (39 KOs)
  • Klitschko entered as the # 1 WBO heavyweight contender with Brewster ranked # 2 by the organization.
  • Fight was for the vacant title after the reigning champ, Corrie Sanders, had relinquished the belt in order to fight Vitali Klitschko for the WBC title.
  • Brewster dedicated his performance to his former trainer Bill Slayton who died a few months earlier.
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Total Punches Klitschko Brewster Landed 120 43 Thrown 311 158 Pct. 39% 27% Power Punches Klitschko Brewster Landed 52 32 Thrown 113 85 Pct. 46% 38%

Bout Summary

As the opening bell rang, Brewster went in aggressively throwing and looking to get on the inside and past Klistchko's reach. Wladimir had a solid round and working the jab and found success with the left hook. Klitschko was warned in Round 1 for pushing Brewster and it was an obvious strategy for Klitschko to drive Brewster backward in each clinch. In the 2nd, Wladimir continued to pump the jab at a high rate and landed a decent right hand in the final seconds of the round. Brewster had trouble getting past the jab and aside of a left hand had trouble mounting much offensively. In the opening minute of Round 3, Brewster lunged forward and threw a left hand that caught Wladimir flush and rocked him. He appeared to regain his composure quickly, however and again returned to the jab and landed a nice one-two combination as the round concluded. In the 3rd, Klitschko was warned for leaning on or holding down his opponent in clinches and also later for pushing. Early in the 4th, Klitschko peppered Brewster with the jab and followed it up with several good right hands. Klitschko was again warned in the round for pushing. Brewster went to the mat midway through the round as the fighters' legs became entangled. A one-two combination sent Brewster stumbling back, badly off balance and down at 2:00 of the Round 4. He made it to his feet at the count of seven and action continued. Despite still being wobbled and being warned by the referee to "show me something", Brewster was able to maintain himself well enough to get through the round. At the conclusion of the round, both clinching fighters lost their balance and tumbled to the mat as the bell rang. Klitschko opened Round 5 banging away with power shots with little offensive response from Brewster. In the final minute of the round though, Brewster began to connect against Wladimir who appeared winded. A big left hand at 2:13 caught Klitschko flush and sent stumbling backward against the ropes. Another left hand and a barrage caused the referee to issue Klitschko a standing eight-count. Saying he was okay to continue, Klitschko came out and stumbled toward Brewster with his hands down. Waldimir tried to tie up his opponent and get through the round, but a left hand in the final seconds again sent him stumbling back into the ropes. As the bell rang, Klitschko who was still staggered went to the mat with Referee Robert Byrd attempting to catch him. As Klitschko struggled to get to his feet and back to his corner, the referee waved an end to the bout.

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