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The lightweight division is 131-135 lbs; 59.5 – 61.4 kg; 9 stone, 4 pounds – 9 stone, 6 pounds). First originated as any fighter whose weight was less than 160 pounds by Jack Broughton (in 1738); under London Prize Rules, weight class ranged from (130-150); next established by the ABA as 10 stone (in 1889); modified by the National Sporting Club (in 1909) as 9 stone, 9 pounds or 135 lbs.

First English champion was John Moneghan (in 1850); first British champion Jem Cauney (in 1884); first American/World champion Jack McAuliffe (in 1886); first Commonwealth (British Empire) champion Freddie Welsh (in 1912); first NBA champion Sammy Angott (in 1940); first NYSAC champion Beau Jack (in 1942); first WBA and WBC champion Carlos Ortiz (in 1962 and 1963); first IBF champion Charlie "Choo Choo" Brown (in 1984); first WBO champion Amancio Castro (in 1989).

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