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*Defeated [[Nouzedinne Medjihoud]] (Algeria) 9-6
*Defeated [[Nouzedinne Medjihoud]] (Algeria) 9-6
*Defeated [[Rogerio de Brito]] (Brazil) 16-6
*Defeated [[Rogerio de Brito]] (Brazil) 16-6
*Lost to [[Floyd Mayweather, Jr.]] (United States) 11-12
*Lost to [[Floyd Mayweather Jr.]] (United States) 11-12
'''2004''' (Welterweight)
'''2004''' (Welterweight)
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[http://www.geocities.com/pedrinet/aragon.html Amateur Record]
[http://www.geocities.com/pedrinet/aragon.html Amateur Record]
[[Category:Olympic Silver Medalists|Aragon, Lorenzo]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Aragon, Lorenzo}}
[[Category:Cuban Olympians|Aragon, Lorenzo]]
[[Category:Olympic Silver Medalists]]
[[Category:1996 Olympians|Aragon, Lorenzo]]
[[Category:Cuban Olympians]]
[[Category:2004 Olympians|Aragon, Lorenzo]]
[[Category:1996 Olympians]]
[[Category:2004 Olympians]]
[[Category:World Amateur Champions]]

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Lorenzo Aragon Armenteros (Born: April 28, 1974 in Lajas, Cuba) is a former amateur boxer from Cuba. Aragon competed at the 1996 Olympics as a featherweight, losing in the quarterfinals to Floyd Mayweather. He was the silver medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games as a welterweight for the Cuban team. Aragon was also a two-time World Champion (2001, 2003), and the 2003 Pan American Games champion. Aragon was also a ten-time national amateur champion in Cuba, in each weight class betweeen flyweight and welterweight.

Olympic Results

1996 (Featherweight)

2004 (Welterweight)

Other amateur highlights

  • 1992 Cuban amateur flyweight champion
  • 1992 Under-19 flyweight world champion.
  • 1994 Cuban amateur bantmaweight champion, defeating Mario Kindelan
  • 1994 Pan-American bantamweight champion
  • 1995 Cuban amateur lightweight champion
  • 1996 Cuban amateur featherweight champion
  • 1997 Cuban amateur lightweight champion
  • 1998 Cuban amateur Light welteweight champion
  • 1999 Cuban amateur welterweight champion
  • 2001 Cuban amateur welterweight champion
  • 2001 World amateur welterweight champion at competition in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Results were:
  • 2003 Cuban amateur welterweight champion
  • 2003 World amateur welterweight champion at competition in Bangkok, Thailand. Results were:
  • 2003 gold medalist at Pan-American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Results were:
  • 2004 Cuban amateur welterweight champion

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