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== Fighters Managed ==
== Fighters Managed ==
*Willie Pep
*[[Willie Pep]]
*Bob Foster
*[[Bob Foster]]
*Joe Brown
*[[Joe Brown]]
*Manuel Gonzalez
*[[Manuel Gonzalez]]
*Cleveland Williams
*[[Cleveland Williams]]
*Del Flanagan
*[[Del Flanagan]]
*Tony Licata
*[[Tony Licata]]
*Bobby Woods
*[[Bobby Woods]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Viscusi, Lou}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Viscusi, Lou}}

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Class of 2004
Non-Participant Category
Hall of Fame bio:click

Born: June 15, 1909 in Schenectady, NY, USA
Died: August 10, 1997

Viscusi grew up in Tampa, Florida, and moved to Hartford, Connecticut in 1929. He immediately began working as a manager and promoter. He promoted boxing, wrestling, and circuses. He managed three world champions; Willie Pep, Bob Foster, and Joe Brown.

Viscusi worked with Bill Gore, who handled the training of the fighters that he managed.

Fighters Managed