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'''Manager''':  [[George McAllister]]<br>
'''Manager''':  [[George McAllister]]<br>
*Brother of fellow boxer [[Willard Dix]]
'''Madison Dix''', brother of fellow boxer [[Willard Dix]], August 9, 1981, in San Mateo, CA.
Madison J. Dix died 9th Aug, 1981 in San Mateo, CA.

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Madison Dix

Name: Madison Dix
Birth Name: Madison J. Dix
Born: 1909-07-18
Birthplace: Cornell, Oklahoma, USA
Died: 1981-08-09 (Age:72)
Hometown: Bellingham, Washington, USA
Boxing Record: click

Division: Welterweight
Manager: George McAllister

Madison Dix, brother of fellow boxer Willard Dix, August 9, 1981, in San Mateo, CA.