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This Wiki-based Boxing Encyclopaedia was inaugurated January 2005.

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We do original research to prevent boxing's many myths and conventional 'wisdoms' from being propagated any further, thus this is not an open-to-all system.

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Unidentified Boxers & Bouts

This Wiki Encyclopedia contains images of boxers and bouts that currently cannot be correctly identified. Please help BoxRec identify these fighters and fights, and post your response in the BoxRec Forum here [1].

Note: BoxRec does not claim any copyright to the images in its database, but for some rare exceptions (such as the BoxRec logo). As an Internet Web site, and under the "fair use" [2] and "safe harbor" [3] provisions of international copyright law, BoxRec may post these images, even if someone owns the copyright to a particular image--until that copyright owner tells BoxRec to take down the image. It is the intent of BoxRec to serve as a free, non-profit, on-line public repository of these images--primarily for preservation, educational, and scholarly purposes. Therefore, permission to use images that BoxRec does not explicitly claim a copyright is not necessary. However, further use of any image is at your own peril.