Marty Cohen

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Marty Cohen was one of the many promoters at the old St. Nicholas Arena in New York.

From the FBHOF:
Cohen did a little bit of everything in the boxing world. Along with being an amateur fighter at the age of 13, he was also a promoter, a manager, a trainer, a judge and, maybe most important, he was a friend of the fight game. Along with managing and promoting such fighters as Michael Dokes and Hector Camacho, he served as a vice president with both the WBC and the USBA. Founder and chairman of the IBC, he was also a member of the Homestead Boxing Commission. At the age of 91, he received one of boxing’s most prestigious awards when he was presented the James J. Walker Award for Long and Meritorious Service to boxing by the Boxing Writers Association of America. How much did Marty love boxing? When he was 18, he and a buddy went to Miami and hopped a banana boat to Havana to see the Jack Johnson - Jess Willard heavyweight championship fight, on April 5, 1915.

Inducted into the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame in 2009.