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Marvin Hagler vs. John Mugabi

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1986-03-10 : Marvin Hagler 157 lbs beat John Mugabi 159½ lbs by KO at 1:29 in round 11 of 12

  • IBF Middleweight Title
  • WBA Middleweight Title
  • WBC Middleweight Title

By the end on 1985 John "The Beast" Magabi was on a knockout win streak of 26 in a row. Because of this and because of Hagler's tough battle with Hearns on April of 1985, many fans thought Mugabi had a chance to be the man to take Hagler's world Middleweight title away.

The fight between Hagler and Mugabi was set up for November 14 of 1985. Hagler, however, had a back injury and the fight had to be postponed until the next year.

The fight finally came up on March 10 of 1986, and it was the first fight televised by Showtime. Mugabi landed his share of blows to Hagler's head, and had the better of the early rounds. The turning point came in the sixth round, when Hagler landed many heavy blows and staggered Mugabi. Mugabi fought back gamely, but his early knockout wins left him ill prepared for a long tough fight. In the end it was Hagler who came out as the winner, with a knockout in 11 rounds. Many boxing fans consider this to have been the toughest contest of Hagler's career, as after the fight both boxers urinated blood and were hospitalized.

Preceded by:
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IBF Middleweight Title Fight
# 6
Succeeded by:
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Preceded by:
Hagler vs. Hearns
WBC Middleweight Title Fight
# 52
Succeeded by:
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