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{{Fight Succession Box|
{{Fight Succession Box|
  before=[[Marvin Hagler vs. John Mugabi]]|
  before=[[Marvin Hagler vs. John Mugabi|Hagler vs. Mugabi]]|
  title= [[WBC Middleweight Title Fights|WBC Middleweight Title Fight]]|
  title=[[WBC Middleweight Title Fights|WBC Middleweight Title Fight]]<br># 53|
  after= [[Thomas Hearns vs. Juan Roldan]]|
  after=[[Thomas Hearns vs. Juan Roldan|Hearns vs. Roldan]]|
{{end box}}
{{end box}}

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Sports Illustrated cover

1987-04-06 : Sugar Ray Leonard 158 lbs beat Marvin Hagler 158½ lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

  • WBC Middleweight Title


  • Named The Ring magazine Fight of the Year and Upset of the Year for 1987. Also named "Upset of the Decade" (1980s).
  • Extremely controversial decision that is still argued about today.
  • Leonard announces retirement on May 27, 1987 but returns to ring on Aug. 4, 1988.

Scorecards from the ringside press:

AP: 117-112 Hagler
New York Daily News: 117-111 Leonard
New York Times: 114-114
New York Post: 114-114
Newsday: 115-114 Hagler
Chicago Tribune: 7-5 in rounds Hagler
Houston Chronicle: 115-114 Leonard
Washington Post: 114-114
Boston Globe: 117-111 Leonard
Boston Herald 116-113 Leonard
Baltimore Sun: 7-5 in rounds Leonard
Oakland Tribune: 117-112 Leonard
San Jose Mercury-News: 116-115 Hagler

Preceded by:
Hagler vs. Mugabi
WBC Middleweight Title Fight
# 53
Succeeded by:
Hearns vs. Roldan