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Video clips of some amateur bouts<BR>
Video clips of a few of last amateur bouts<BR>

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Matthew Podgorski 2008

Name: Matthew Podgorski
Nationality: US American
Residence: Chicago Illinois, Orlando Florida, USA
Officiating Record: Judge
Officiating Record: Referee

Matthew Podgorski is the brother of former amateur boxer Mike Podgorski (11-0) and the son of professional boxing official Pete Podgorski.
As an amateur boxer, Podgorski won the 1994 C.P.D. North Sectional title, losing by decision in the city finals at Chicago's historical International Ampitheatre.
Podgorski trained in the Chicago Park District gyms at Portage Park, Brooks Park and Stateway Gardens finishing his amateur boxing career with a 27-6 won-loss mark.

In 1997 Podgorski won the Chicago Golden Gloves junior-welterweight & the Chicago Park District welterweight City Championships.

During his amateur career, Podgorski fought several boxers that went on to the professional ranks, such as Jimmy (Brisino) Gonzalez, Emanuel Hernandez, Adam Trupish and Rudy Cisneros.

Podgorski graduated from NEIU (B.A.) in Chicago and received his Master's degree in Public Policy from Pepperdine University, Malibu CA in April of 2004. Along with his full time position, Podgorski has been a adjunct professor for N.E.I.U. teaching classes related to Political Science.

2005, Matthew Podgorski, gives final intructions

Podgorski has officiated amateur and professional boxing as a judge, referee and timekeeper since the fall of 1998. Podgorski became one of the youngest officials to officiate a World Title fight when he judged a bout for a WBF Cruiserweight Championship in 1999.

Notable Fights Judged

Notable Fights Refereed

Family History
Grandparents-parents, family names - Podgorski, Probst, LaMontagne, Lynn, Legenza and Richau

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Video clips of a few of last amateur bouts


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