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[[:Image:WardMicky.jpeg|Photo #2]]
[[:Image:WardMicky.jpeg|Photo #2]]
* Micky is the younger half brother of [[Dick Ecklund]].
* Micky is the younger half brother of [[Dick Ecklund]].
== Biography ==
'''Micky Ward''', nicknamed "Irish" (Irish), born October 4, 1965 in Lowell, in Massachusetts (USA). Former professional boxer welterweight, his story is especially known for his film "The Fighter" (released in the United States in late 2010, starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by David O. Russell).
Ward was three times winner of the New England Golden Gloves "before turning professional in 1985. He began his career in and won his first fourteen fights. Then in 1990, after losing four consecutive meetings, he decided to take a break boxing.
During the period in which Ward is far from the sport he is a worker for the reconstruction of the asphalt road. It then uses part of his salary to undergo surgery on his right hand, which had long suffered from several problems.
The surgery involves the use of some parts of the bones that I'm the same basin, which are applied and blended with the hand bones to strengthen them. During that same period, his brother, former boxer Dicky Eklund, to combat drug problems, which is released from prison where he was arrested on charges of drug possession, Micky Ward persuaded to take their career sports boxer.
Ward returns to train and fight won his first nine games and earned the title "'s [[WBU]] Intercontinental Light Welterweight" Louis Stag. Then, defending the belt against deer still sample. In 1997, the title fight "IBF Light" against the champion [[Vince Phillips]], but failed to win: The game will be stopped in the third round because of cuts suffered by Ward, Phillips, thus winning the match by TKO. A year later, Ward once again approaches the title, but lost points against Zab Judah.
In 2000, Micky Ward flew to London to fight [[WBU]] champion Shea Neary wins with a TKO eighth inning. Ward then no longer defend the title.
He won the game against [[Emanuel Augustus]] (then known as Emanuel Burton) was voted "Fight of the Year by The Ring magazine.
On May 18, 2002, Ward Mycky addresses for the first time, [[Arturo Gatti]] - Canadian born in Italy - the opponent for which his story will become famous.
The fight is rough and wild, but a knockdown in the ninth inning against Gatti organized by the Division makes a difference in handing victory to the American.
At the end of both fighters needed treatment at a trauma center. Although this game is named meeting of 2002 for the magazine The Ring.
Shortly thereafter, the two agree to organize a new departure for revenge: the meeting takes place in November and this time Arturo Gatti who wins wild fighting a battle. Ward fell to the ground in the third round, but he brings the fight to the end. Cats at the end of the meeting paid tribute to the tenacity of Ward, saying: "I wondered what would happen if I fought my twin sister knows. Now I do."
Soon, organized the third game between the two for the June 8, 2003: the beginning of the third chapter in the saga that began to take an epic, is marked by hits Arturo Gatti that the strike as a River Ward. Ward manages the game and fight as best they can and can send the sixth round Gatti to the canvas: Cats can get before you get up and before the referee can count to ten, the bell rings to establish the final round.
Gatti recovered and eventually won the match by unanimous decision of the jury. Also this time the two boxers after the meeting made a trip to the hospital because of damage sustained during combat. And once again vote on The Ring magazine as the best game for 2003.
Before his final fight with Gatti, Micky Ward announced his intention to retire from boxing after the match racing. In his state, Massachusetts, Micky Ward is regarded as a "hero of the working class" (a working class hero), an athlete who has overcome many difficulties in his life and who prevailed thanks to his determination and hard work.
Besides the film has already mentioned "The Fighter" (2010) the heroic figure of Ward was chosen as the cover for an album titled "The Warrior's Code" (the song of the same name), the Dropkick Murphys in 2005, the song "Animal Rap Hip Hop Jedi Mind Tricks has a version called "Micky Ward Mix" and finally, the video game "Fight Night Round 3" (2006) sees Ward and Gatti on the cover.
== Titles Held ==
== Titles Held ==
* [[WBU]] Light Welterweight Title (2000)
* [[WBU]] Light Welterweight Title (2000)
* [[WBU]] Intercontinenal Light Welterweight Title (1996)
* [[WBU]] Intercontinenal Light Welterweight Title (1996)

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Name: Micky Ward
Alias: Irish
Birth Name: George Michael Ward Jr
Born: 1965-10-04
Birthplace: Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Hometown: Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 8″   /   173cm
Reach: 70″   /   178cm
Boxing Record: click

Photo #2

Titles Held

  • WBU Light Welterweight Title (2000)
  • WBU Intercontinenal Light Welterweight Title (1996)