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Micky Ward vs. Emanuel Burton

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*'''Aired On:''' [[ESPN Friday Night Fights]] (Main Event)
'''---2001 [[Ring Magazine Fight of the Year]] ---'''
'''---2001 [[Ring Magazine Fight of the Year]] ---'''
== Notes ==
== Notes ==

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2001-07-13 : Micky Ward 141 lbs beat Emanuel Augustus 140½ lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

---2001 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year ---


  • ESPN reported the blows as Augustus 421/918 46%; Ward 320/1182 27%. Augustus led in power blows 386 to 314.
  • Commentator Teddy Atlas called it a draw.
  • Burton was down in Round 9, from a left hook to the body. Ward hit him while down with a right to the head.

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