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Muhammad Ali vs. Bob Foster

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1972-11-21 : Bob Foster 180 lbs lost to Muhammad Ali 221¼ lbs by KO at 0:40 in round 8 of 12

NABF Heavyweight Title (5th defense of Ali)

  • Foster opened a cut above Ali's left eye. It was the first time Ali was cut as a professional.
  • Foster was knocked down four times in the fifth round and twice in the seventh. After being knocked down early in the eighth, Foster was counted out by referee Mills Lane.
  • Judge Bill Stremmell had Ali leading 35-27, Judge Wally Rusk had Ali ahead 35-28, and Judge Anthony Smercina had Ali in front 34-28.

Preceded by:
Ali vs. Patterson II
NABF Heavyweight Title Fight
# 9
Succeeded by:
Ali vs. Norton I

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