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Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson

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1965-11-22 : Floyd Patterson 196¾ lbs lost to Muhammad Ali 210 lbs by TKO at 2:18 in round 12 of 15


Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson 1.jpg
  • Patterson was knocked down in 5th round.
  • Refree Harold Krause stopped the bout at 2:18 of 12th round
  • Before the fight Floyd Patterson proclaimed that he was going to win title "back to america". Patterson also refusing to refer Muhammad Ali by any name other than Cassius clay. This all infuriated Ali so much that he was determined to make Patterson suffer in the ring.
  • Almost every time when Ali hit Patterson he taunted him.
  • The crowd booed to Ali. They felt that Ali treated Patterson with cruelty and disrespect.


  • "Floyd Patterson will be no match. He is too short, too slow, don't have a reach, can't take a punch, he don't hit hard and he don't have a footwork" - Ali in interview before the fight
  • "I wanted to go out with a great punch" - Exhausted Patterson after the match
  • "He could have knocked Patterson out whenever he really went to work. Let�s face it, Clay is selfish and cruel." - Ex-champion Joe Louis's opinion about the match.
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