Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson

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1965-11-22 : Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA: Muhammad Ali won Floyd Patterson by TKO in round 12

  • World Heavyweight Title
  • Referee: Harold Krause
  • Patterson was knocked down in 5th round.
  • Refree Harold Krause stopped the bout at 2:18 of 12th round


  • "Floyd Patterson will be no match.He is too short,too slow, don't have a reach, can't take a punch, he don't hit hard and he don't have a footwork" - Ali in interview before the fight
  • "I wanted to go out with a great punch" - Exhausted Patterson after the match
  • "He could have knocked Patterson out whenever he really went to work. Let’s face it, Clay is selfish and cruel." - Ex-champion Joe Louis's opinion about the match.