Nigel Benn vs. Gerald McClellan

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1995-02-25 : Nigel Benn 168 lbs beat Gerald McClellan 165 lbs by KO at 1:46 in round 10 of 12

  • World Boxing Council Super Middleweight Title (7th. defending of Benn)
  • Time: 1:46
  • Weights: Benn 168 lbs, McClellan 165 lbs

The Fight

Nigel Benn vs. Gerald McClellan

In an extremely exciting fight, McClellan dropped Benn, who went out of the ring, in round one. They continued battling, but the fight had a devastating ending. McClellan, after dropping Benn again in round eight, took a knee in round ten even though he was not being hit with any punches. Earlier in the fight he collided heads with Benn and had been blinking the rest of the bout. He was counted out, arose, then collapsed in his corner.


McClellan had emergency surgery to remove a bloodclot from his brain. He spent weeks in a coma and once regaining consciousness was found to have suffered extensive brain damage. He lost most of his eyesight, his ability to walk and became 80 percent deaf. Sports Illustrated ran an article about the fight and its outcome one week afterwards. McClellan's family flew to be by his side, and later he was flown back to his home country. He has recently recovered some ability to walk, being helped by a cane, but he has not recovered his eyesight. In addition to being blind and almost deaf, his short-term memory was also profoundly affected. His three sisters, particularly Lisa McClellan, are responsible for his care. He has been the honoree at numerous banquets and award ceremonies, and fellow boxing champion Roy Jones Jr., often pointed as a possible rival during the 1990s, set up a foundation to help McClellan. Nigel Benn, now a preacher, has also helped to raise funds for McClellan's treatment, and the two men would meet again at a fundraiser held in London on February 24, 2007. Several items were auctioned off at the event, and a total of $175,000 was raised for Gerald, including $25,000 each from promoters Don King and Frankie Warren.

The fight was named KO Magazine Fight of the Year in 1995.