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Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion

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*'''Interim [[World Boxing Association]] World Super Flyweight Title''' (vacant)
*'''Interim [[World Boxing Association]] World Super Flyweight Title''' (vacant)
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== Bout Summary ==
== Bout Summary ==
[[File:Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion (poster).jpg|right|300px]]
[[File:Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion (poster).jpg|right|300px]]

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Total Punches Donaire Concepcion
Landed 213 125
Thrown 483 683
Pct. 44% 18%
Jabs Donaire Concepcion
Landed 101 73
Thrown 328 439
Pct. 31% 17%
Power Punches Donaire Concepcion
Landed 112 52
Thrown 155 244
Pct. 72% 21%

2009-08-15 : Nonito Donaire 115 lbs beat Rafael Concepcion 119½ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

[edit] Bout Summary

Nonito Donaire vs. Rafael Concepcion (poster).jpg

Donaire controlled from the outside with movement, using his jab to set up his right hand, and countered with pot shot left uppercuts when Concepcion came inside. Concepcion came forward with non-stop aggression, landing a hard jab to close the gap, and catching Donaire with right hands when he got close. Both fighters had the other stunned at times in the fight, but the only time any fighter appeared to be in trouble was when Concepcion was bothered by a body shot in round 1.

[edit] Notes

  • Concepcion came in 4 pounds overweight, and thus was not eligible to win the interim WBA World super flyweight title. As a penalty, Concepcion also had to give 10% of his $65,000 purse to the Nevada Athletic Commission and 10% to Donaire.
  • Donaire stated in the post fight interview that he hurt his hand in the fight.
  • Concepcion suffered a wide cut over the left eye in round 2.
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