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Nonito Donaire vs. Raul Martinez

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'''Promoter:'''  [[Top Rank]] (Main Event)<br>
'''Promoter:'''  [[Top Rank]] (Main Event)<br>

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Donaire Martinez USA.jpg

2009-04-19 : Nonito Donaire 111½ lbs beat Raul Martinez 112 lbs by TKO at 2:42 in round 4 of 12

Promoter: Top Rank (Main Event)
Time: 2:42

Supervisor Ray Wheatley

[edit] Notes

[edit] Summary

A left uppercut/hook sent Martinez down in the opening round. He remained on one knee to gather himself before making it to his feet at the count of eight. Martinez was put down a second time in the round from another left uppercut. He was up quickly and received the mandatory eight-count.
A left hand at 1:10 of Round 3 put Martinez down for a 3rd time in the fight. He appeared able to maintain his composure despite being hit hard and mounted a decent offense toward the end of the round, landing a few overhand rights. Between rounds the referee told the Martinez corner that he needed to stay on his feet and show some defense if he wanted the bout to continue.
In Round 4, Martinez was stunned by another perfect left uppercut and sent stumbling back and down for the fourth time in the fight. The referee immediately called an end to the bout.

[edit] Comments

In the post-fight interview, Donaire said he would likely be moving up to either 115 or 118lbs as he did feel somewhat weak in his legs in preparation for this fight.

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