Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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2007-05-05 : Floyd Mayweather Jr 150 lbs beat Oscar De La Hoya 154 lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

Total Punches De La Hoya Mayweather
Landed 122 207
Thrown 587 481
Pct. 21% 43%
Power Punches De La Hoya Mayweather
Landed 82 138
Thrown 341 241
Pct. 24% 57%


  • Floyd Mayweather Jr. says this will be his last fight.
  • De La Hoya selected Freddie Roach as his trainer for this bout instead of Floyd Mayweather Sr.
  • Mayweather will make his debut at junior middleweight
  • De La Hoya will make $25 million & Mayweather $10 million (The second biggest payday in boxing history for two fighters in one bout. The biggest ever was Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield (2nd meeting))
  • Tickets sold out in three hours, and the tickets priced from $150-$350 were sold out in less than 45 minutes, making $19 million in just tickets alone.
  • Mayweather will be stripped of his WBC Welterweight belt, win or lose to De La Hoya, and Shane Mosley will be upgraded to full champion status if Mayweather does not fight Mosley immediately after.
  • Judge Jerry Roth scored the last round for Mayweather, the only judge to do so. Had he scored the twelfth for De La Hoya, the fight would have been a draw.