Pernell Whitaker vs. Diosbelys Hurtado

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1997-01-24 : Pernell Whitaker 147 lbs beat Diosbelys Hurtado 146 lbs by TKO at 1:52 in round 11 of 12

  • World Boxing Council Welterweight Title (8th defense of Whitaker)
  • Time: 1:52
  • Weights: Whitaker 147 lbs, Hurtado 146 lbs


- Whitaker was down twice, in rounds one and six. Whitaker scored a left eye puff in round six. Hurtado's awkward style led to him losing two points, and Whitaker one for hitting behind the head. The TKO came without a knockdown, from nine unanswered straight lefts to the head, with Hurtado draped over the ropes. It ended with Hurtado's top half falling through the ropes. ESPN announcers thought the stoppage came three to six blows too late. - Data Boxing Stats: Blows- Whitaker 106/305 35%, Hurtado 85/ 302 28%; Controls- Whitaker 64, with 17 stalks and 14 moving in, Hurtado 115, 78 of which were circling left or right.