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[[File:Referee Midwest USA.jpg|thumb|right|Referee, Pete Podgorski]]
*'''[[:Category:Pete Podgorski Gallery|Pete Podgorski Photo Gallery]]'''
==Amateur Career Record==
*Amateur record: [http://www.boxing-scoop.com/show_boxer.php?boxer_ID=3550 45-12, 20 Knockouts (RSC)]
*1972, Chicago, C.Y.O. 147 lb. Champion
*1973, Wisconsin, Fox Valley - Golden Gloves 147 lb. Champion
*1973, April, September, Fought as a member of U.S.A. Boxing Teams at Welterweight and Jr. Middleweight.
*1977, March - Chicago Park District, 156 lb. Open Division Champion
Podgorski's amateur record includes wins over several tournament champions, many of whom turned professional: [[Allen Muleman Alexander]], [[Robert Hughes]], [[Harold Scully Jr.]], [[Johnny Lira]], [[Willie LaBoy]], [[Warren Thunder]], [[Lewis Velez]], [[Frank Mc Govern]], [[Stan Cooper]], [[Enrique Maldonado]], [[Rick Wilson]], [[Jose Mendoza]], and [[William Page|Billy 'Shane' Page]].
== Professional Titles ==
*United States Mid-West Regional Light Middleweight Title [http://boxrec.com/title_search.php?title=USAMIDW&division=Light+Middleweight&SUBMIT=Go Title history]
== Officiating Record ==
As of  December 2012, Podgorski has officiated 100+ total title bouts and eliminators.
World Title bouts, (58) as a professional boxing official traveling to Amsterdam, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, Poland, South Africa and several States in the U.S.A.
Title bout officiating  [[Officiating_History_-_Title_Bouts:_Pete_Podgorski_Referee-Judge|history]]
== Notable Fights Refereed ==
* [[Carl Froch vs. Mikkel Kessler  (2nd meeting)]] (2013-5-25) [[IBF]] & [[WBA]]  * [[HBO]]
* [[Adrian Granados vs. Kermit Cintron]]  ( 2013-3-22) * [[ESPN]]
* [[Jose Luis Castillo vs. Ivan Popoca]] (2012-07-13) * [[ESPN]]
* [[Thomas Oosthuizen vs William Gare]] (2011 06 04) [[IBO]]
* [[Lucian Bute vs. Brian Magee]] (2011-03-19) [[IBF]] * [[Showtime]]
*[[Fres Oquendo  vs.  Bruce Seldon]]  (2009-7-24)    [[NABA]]
*[[Nonito Donaire  vs.  Raul Martinez]]  (2009-04-19)    [[IBF]] & [[IBO]]
* [[Mariusz Wach]]    vs.    [[Eric Boose]]  ( 2008-07-11 )  Heavyweights * [[ESPN]]
*[[Tavoris Cloud  vs.  Mike Wood]]    (2008-03-28) [[USBA]], [[NABA]] &  [[NABO]]
*[[Orlando Salido vs. Hector Julio Avila]] (2007-12-14) [[IBF]] Eliminator
*[[John Ruiz]]  vs.  [[Otis Tisdale]]    (2007-10-13)  Heavyweights 
*[[Arthur Abraham  vs. Khoren Gevor]]    (2007-08-18)  [[IBF]]
* [[Tomasz Bonin vs. Fernely Feliz]]  (2005-11-26) [[IBC]] Heavyweight Title
*[[Alejandro Garcia]]  vs.  [[Luca Messi]]    (2005-08-13)  [[WBA]]
*[[Vic Darchinyan  vs.  Mzukisi Sikali]]  (2005-03-27)  [[IBF]], [[IBO]]
* [[David Diaz]]  vs.  [[Emanuel Augustus]]  (2004-01-30)
*[[Sven Ottke  vs.  Mads Larsen]]  (2003-09-06)  [[IBF]] & [[WBA]]
*[[Ben Tackie  vs.  Teddy Reid]]  (2002-01-25) [[NABF]] & [[IBF]] Eliminator
*[[Brian Nielsen  vs.  Jeremy Williams]]  (2000-04-28)  [[International Boxing Council|IBC]] Heavyweight title
*[[Greg Page]] vs.  [[Terrence Lewis]] (2000-02-09) Heavyweights
*[[Paul Spadafora]]  vs.  [[Rocky Martinez]]  (1999-01-22) * [[ESPN]]
*[[Thulani Malinga]]  vs.  [[Peter H Madsen]]  (1998-11-27)  [[World Boxing Federation|WBF]]
*[[Iran Barkley]]  vs.  [[Tony LaRosa]]  (1998-08-22) Heavyweights
*[[Glen Johnson]]  vs.  [[Merqui Sosa]]  (1997-12-13)
*[[Dwight Davison]]  vs.  [[Eddie White]]  (1996-11-27)    [[IBO]]
*[[Henry Maske    vs.  Duran Williams]]  (1996-02-17)  [[IBF]]
*[[James Toney]]  vs.  [[Vinson Durham]]    (1994-05-18) non-title bout for [[IBF]] Champion
*[[Andrew Golota]]  vs.  [[Donnell Wingfield]]    (1994-01-14) Heavyweights
*[[Tom Johnson vs. Stephane Haccoun]]  (1993-11-30)  [[IBF]]
*[[Lenny LaPaglia    vs.  Darryl Fromm]]  (1993-08-20)  [[IBO]]
*[[Michael Carbajal vs. Jose Manuel Diaz]]  (1992-10-14)  non-title bout for [[IBF]] Champion
*[[James (Bonecrusher) Smith]]  vs. [[Andre Crowder]] (1991-12-13)  Heavyweights
*[[Quincy Taylor  vs.  Armando Rodriguez]]  (1990-12-13)  [[IBF]] Inter-continental
*[[Oliver McCall]]  vs.  [[Bruce Johnson]]  (1988-10-01) Heavyweights
* [[Buster Drayton]]  vs.  [[Leroy Jones (Arizona)]]  (1987-12-05)
==Notable Fights Judged==
* [[Brian Magee  vs. Hacine Cherifi]]  ( 11-22-2003 ) [[IBO]]
* [[Cory Spinks vs. Larry Marks]]  ( 08-17-2001 )  [[USBA]]
* [[Johnny Bredahl vs. Alexandre Da Silva]]  ( 12-01-2000 ) [[IBC]] & WBA Int'Cont.
* [[Shane Mosley vs. Golden Johnson]]    ( 01-09-1999 )  [[IBF]]
*  [[Jesper Jensen vs. Vuyani Nene]]  ( 06-05-1998 ) [[IBC]]
* [[Brian Nielsen vs. Larry Holmes]]  ( 01-24-1997 )  [[IBO]] Heavyweight title
* [[Kostya Tszyu vs. Jan Piet Bergman]]  ( 09-14-1996 )  [[IBF]]
* [[Harold Mestre vs. Mbulelo Botile]]  ( 04-29-1995 )  [[IBF]]
* [[Kennedy McKinney vs. Rudy Zavala]]  (07-17-1993 )  [[IBF]]
==Family Boxing History==
Pete is the son of [[Ray Podgorski]] a retired electrician (local 134) who had one amateur contest.  Working the corner for Ray in his bout was NFL Pro football legend Red Grange. Podgorski's opponent received his instructions from NBA star George Mikan.
Brother of professionals, Stan and Leo Podgorski. Pete is the father of former amateur boxers, Mike Podgorski (11-0) and [[Matthew Podgorski]], a professional Judge and Referee, who as an amateur compiled a record of 27-6 winning the Chicago Golden Gloves and Park District Tournaments in 1997.
==Title History==
{{start box}}
{{Succession box|
before=Inaugural Champion|
title=[[USA Mid West light middleweight title]]|
after=[[Harold Brazier]]|
years=1985 July 12 &ndash; 1986 July 11<br>'''Vacated'''|
{{end box}}
== External Links ==
* [http://www.fightnews.com/Boxing/qa-pete-podgorski-37024 Interview  Q & A] by [[Ray Wheatley]]
* [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtyAIfIQP5s Youtube clips of some amateur bouts]
'''Family History''' Grandparents, family names - Podgorski, La Montagne, Lynn, Legenza
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