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'''Trainer''': [[George Chemeres]]
'''Trainer''': [[George Chemeres]]<br>
Major Amateur Tournament Bouts
Major Amateur Tournament Bouts

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Name: Pete Rademacher
Birth Name: Thomas Peter Rademacher
Born: 1928-11-20
Birthplace: Tieton, Washington, USA
Hometown: Grandview, Washington, USA
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6′ 1½″   /   187cm
Reach: 77″   /   196cm
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Trainer: George Chemeres
Major Amateur Tournament Bouts

1949 Seattle Golden Gloves

--Elmer Hartie, Ft. Lewis-----W 3 --Art Senft, Vancouver-----W 3 --Chuck Pomianek, Seattle-----W 3 (Won Title)

1950 Seattle Golden Gloves

--Chuck Ross, Portland-----W 3 --Zora Folley, Ft. Lawton-----L 3

1951 Seattle Golden Gloves

--Bill Waltman, Yakima-----KO 3 --Don Brabant, Saettle-----KO 1 (Won Title)

National AAU, Boston

--H. Ehron, Great Lakes-----W 3 --Don Brabant, Seattle-----KO 1 (Won Title)

1952 Seattle Golden Gloves

--Jim Davis, Ft. Lewis-----W 3 --Gil Osman, McChord-----KO 1 --Del Clark, Faircloud AFB-----KO 2 (Won Title)

Olympic Regionals

--C. Hudgins, Los Angeles-----KO 2 --Jack Scheberies, Oakland-----L 2

1953 Seattle Golden Gloves

--B. Emerson, Vancouver-----W 3 --Richard Reyes, Seattle-----W 3 --Jim Davis, Ft. Lewis-----W 3 (Won Title)

National AAU, Boston

--H. Johnson, Air Force-----W 3 --B. Middleton-----W 3 --Zora Folley, Army-----W 3 --Jack Scheberies, Oakland-----W 3 (Won Title)

1956 Miami, AAU

--Len Kanthal, Miami-----L 3

Chicago Golden Gloves

--Ben Bankhead, St. Louis-----W 3 --Billy Smith, Memphis-----KO 3 --Booker Staten, Kansas City-----W 3 --Solomon McTier, Montgomery-----L 3

All-Army Championship

--Clemmie Turner, Army-----KO 3 --Oliver Smith, Army-----W 3 --John Johnson, Army-----WF (Won Title)

Service Championship

--Jim Stewart, Marines-----W 3 --Joe Uphill, Air Force-----W 3 (Won Title)

Olympic Trials

--John Johnson, Army-----W 3 --Joe Hemphill, Air Force-----W 3 --Hal Espey, Idaho State-----W 3 (Won Title)

Olympic Games, Melbourne, Australia

--Josef Nemec, Czechoslovakia-----KO 2 --Dan Bekker, South Africa-----KO 3 --Lev Moukhine, Russia-----KO 1 (Won Gold Medal)

Total Amateur bouts; 79 (72-7)