Ricardo Mayorga vs. Oscar De La Hoya

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2006-05-06 : Oscar De La Hoya 153½ lbs beat Ricardo Mayorga 153½ lbs by TKO at 1:25 in round 6 of 12

  • Mayorga was knocked down by a right hand followed by a huge left hook about one minute into the first round. It was a flash knockdown. He got stunned again by another right-hand punch and was about to go down again when he grabbed De La Hoya to weather it. Meanwhile, De La Hoya rolled away from Mayorga's shots.
  • In the second round, Mayorga looked a bit hesistant and confused. He could not hit De La Hoya cleanly. His opponent was countering effectively, delivering nice clean shots at the end of the round, including a seven-punch volley, with 30 seconds to go in the round, that sent Mayorga into the ropes.
  • In the third, De La Hoya got hit by Mayorga's only clean shot so far in the bout--an uppercut that snapped his head back a little. De La Hoya countered with an effective combination.
  • In the fourth, De La Hoya continued his ring generalship with his counter-punching. Every time Mayorga punched, De La Hoya blocked with his gloves and arms, countering with clean shots.
  • In the fifth there was a minor headbutt. Mayorga was warned for rabbit-punching again at the end of the round by Referee Nady. De La Hoya dominated Mayorga the whole round. Mayorga looked frustrated and a little tired.
  • In the sixth, De La Hoya scored another knockdown, sending Mayorga to his knees. Mayorga rose to his feet, but De La Hoya went for the kill and hammered his opponent with a flurry of some 20-plus punches. Mayorga could not respond, so Referee Nady stopped the bout at 1:25. Popular opinion was that Mayorga was simply out-classed by De La Hoya throughout the bout.
  • De La Hoya had landed 116 of 264 punches (44 percent), while Mayorga landed just 58 of 333 blows (17 percent).
  • Afterward De La Hoya found Mayorga in the middle of the ring and they embraced, despite all the pre-fight trash-talking between the two. (Mayorga had slapped De La Hoya at one press conference, called De La Hoya a "bitch," and insulted De La Hoya's wife and son Gabriel. He apologized to De La Hoya after the fight.)
  • Attendance: 13,076
  • De La Hoya's purse was a guaranteed $8 million; with his share of the "Pay-Per-View" revenues, he reportedly earned around $20 million combined. Mayorga's purse was $2 million.
  • The bout was televised on HBO-Television's "Pay Per View." It generated 875,000 pay-per-view buys and $43.8 million in pay-per-view revenue, per a May 10 announcement by HBO Sports.
  • This was De La Hoya's first bout after a 20-month layoff. It was the tenth world title in six weight classes that he had won.
  • Mayorga later tested postive for the diuretic Furosemide (a.k.a. Lasix), often used to lose weight quickly or to mask steroid use. The matter is currently under investigation by the Nevada Athletic Commission.
  • Some photos of this bout can be seen here