Riddick Bowe vs. Andrew Golota (1st meeting)

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1996-07-11 : Riddick Bowe 252 lbs beat Andrew Golota 243 lbs by DQ in round 7 of 12

  • Weights: Bowe 252, Golota 243

Bowe came into this fight as a renowned champ; Golota as a relative unknown "Great White Hope." What unfolded was a night of high drama as Bowe was taught a boxing lesson with Golota punching him round the ring as if it were Bowe who was the novice. Unfortunately Golota was penalised for repeated low blows. It seemed a little unfair as Bowe too was guilty of dirty fighting. Golota was very good at acting dumb and his nonchalant reaction to having points deducted by the referee either displayed a belief that he would either win by KO, or that he held Bowe in supreme contempt. Or both. Whichever, it made for pulsating viewing. The referee had enough by Round Seven as Bowe was sent crashing to the canvas yet again with a big uppercut to the balls and disqualified Golota. If that wasn't sensational enough, Golota was then attacked by one of Bowe's corner men as he walked back to the corner, being smashed on the head with a mobile cellphone which seemed to shatter on the Pole's crown. Golota's reaction was to instantly swing round and smash the much lighter man in the face, instigating a free for all in the ring. Within seconds the ring was packed like sardines with various bodies throwing punches and Lou Duva, Golota's promoter, was seen lying in the ring, the victim of a heart attack. It was all too much for the crowd who then turned on each other with large numbers of fight fans attacking each other with whatever they could get their hands on, including the auditorium chairs. It seemed to be racially fueled as the predominantly white following of Golota clashed with the mainly black Bowe supporters. The event was poorly policed and thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused. This incident was named The Ring magazine Event of the Year for 1996.