Rocky Marciano vs. Ezzard Charles (1st meeting)

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1954-06-17 : Ezzard Charles 185½ lbs lost to Rocky Marciano 187½ lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

Rocky Marciano vs.Ezzard Charles 17/06/1954

Rocky Marciano defended the World Heavyweight Championship against former World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles. The first ten rounds were evenly boxed. Marciano applied relentless pressure, and Charles, who was in the best shape of his career and only two years older than Rocky, was more than up to the task. Marciano was frustrated by Charles' boxing while on the move. Marciano was unable to give his opponent the customary battering on the ropes, as Charles remained an elusive target without his back touching a ringrope even once. There was only one clinch in fifteen rounds! Over the last five rounds of the fifteen rounder, Marciano's combinations and body shots took clear command of the action, though Charles retaliated well at times. When this bout ended, Rocky was all smiles and admiration for a real challenger who came into the ring trained to do his best, who went the distance with 'The Rock' confidently and really tried to win his title. One of the greatest action heavyweight championship bouts of all-time, which left the world hungry for a rematch of these two great warriors.